European Conference of the Global Association of SoL Communities: Sofia | May 20-21, 2016


Creating A Culture of Hope, Possibility and Collaboration

9:00 Check in

As people arrive and check in they will receive a program. In the program will be all the detailed information.

9:15 Welcome and Introduction

Facilitated by Konstantin Yordanov (Bulgaria) and Natalia Blagoeva (Bulgaria)

9:30 Meditation Exercise

Facilitated by Ken Homer (USA).

9:45 Connecting to our Purpose

Part 1: Meditation Exercise (10 min.)

Facilitated by Ken Homer (US).

Part 2: Connecting to the Core Team (15 minutes)

Facilitated by Antonio Linares (Spain) and Anton Valkov (Bulgaria).

Part 3  Connecting to the Pillars (75 minutes)

Facilitated by Martijn Meima (The Netherlands).

11:30 Break
11:45 Reclaiming positive experiences from Bulgarian history – an appreciative inquiry

Facilitated by Heidi Guber (USA) and Antonio Linares (Spain).

13:00 Lunch
14:30 Developing personal and collaborative capabilities. Evolutionary leadership contributions

Facilitated by Ken Homer (USA).

15:30 Break
15:45 to 17:00 Parallel sessions: Field experience sessions about the three pillars.


Unleashing the Self

Systems Cooperation

Unleashing Systems Cooperation

Social innovation

Systems thinking– systems tinkering– systems sharing – systems caring

Facilitated by Tihomir Georgiev (Bulgaria) Facilitated by Natalia Blagoeva (Bulgaria) Facilitated by Guus Geisen  (The Netherlands)
17:00 Integration Conversation

Facilitated by Steliana Kemcheva (Bulgaria) and Anton Valkov (Bulgaria).

17:30 Closing


9:00 Check in
9:15 Working towards the Future
9:30 Systemic Constellations

Facilitated by Martijn Meima (The Netherlands) and Chiara Megighian (USA).

10:30 Collaborative Conversations: include more voices, make better choices

Facilitated by Ken Homer (USA) and Antonio Linares (Spain).

11:15 Social Initiatives Today: Being Part, Being Within, Being in-Between

Facilitated by Simeon Ries (Germany).

12:00 Break
12:10 to 13:30 Parallel sessions: Field experience sessions of projects related to the three pillars.



Botev’s road – Why should we keep walking?Understand the past, create the future.

Intunity Coaches Project: a program for coaches encompassing elements of tango, tai chi and taoist principles of quantum physics; impro theatre, storytelling techniques, music and arts.

Social Innovation

– Refugees trauma treatment in Darmstadt
– “Life-in-between” in Freiburg
– The experience of the Learning Alliance at the Florida’s Indian River County, involving 17.000 students from 22 schools to improve literacy.

System Cooperation

Project cre100do: a multi-stakeholder nation-wide initiative to accelerate business growth in the mid-market companies.
A five year-term pro-bono initiative to help 100 companies (up to 200 Million euro sales) to become large companies. Stakeholders initiatives, influencers and resistances.

Facilitated by Eva Borisova (Founder of Association Roditeli), Plamen Petrov and Gergana Pavlova (Bulgaria) Facilitated by Simeon Ries (Germany) and Heidi Guber (USA) Facilitated by Antonio Linares-Güemes (Spain)
13:30 Lunch
15:00 Emerging conversations

Facilitated by Anton Valkov (Bulgaria).

Participant-driven conversations on personal interests, systems collaboration and social innovation. The structure and content of these conversations will be suggested by participants based on what is emerging from the last two days.

17:00 Integrating and measuring learning progress in the three pillars

Facilitated by Heidi Guber (USA).

17:30 Farewell